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About Cow Friend Soap

Alisha & Cow Friend

Down the street from me is a sweet Jersey cow, whom I’ve lovingly named Cow Friend. My great wish is to someday adopt him and have him roam in our back pasture. We are working toward his full adoption… and the land!

Cow Friend (the cow) and soap came into my life around the same time. Life had become pretty dark: my husband had a heart attack, and between his poor health and Covid, we could no longer keep our business doors open. With four children, with one of them less than a year old, I took on full-time work at a potato factory with 12-14 hour shifts. It was a very humbling job, one which I have a lot of gratitude towards. However, with the mental and physical strains of this new life, I was at my all-time low. And that where both soap and Cow Friend saved the day.

But now! Each day I take a walk and am greeted by my buddy; I call his name and he runs up to where I am so we can take our walk. He enjoys a good petting on his fuzzy nose when I feed him his favorite healthy snacks.

The happiness he brings to me is a similar happiness I experience when I make soap. Cow Friend Soap is a connection to nature and creativity—and all the joy both can bring.

My Pledge

Making soap began as a hobby. I had been working in a job that drained a lot of my energy, health, and overall zeal for life. Those times were gloomy.

I had purchased a bar of homemade soap and always thought it would be a good creative outlet. My first batch of soap was rough—both color and scent!

My pledge to you is that each soap bar will only be made in love and eagerness. You can just feel it. My soap room is full of supplies, oils, equipment, pictures, and decor that make me excited.

I use high-quality ingredients that are beneficial and edifying. Several ingredients are locally sourced by kind, hardworking individuals, including beeswax and goat milk.

lavender and honey handmade Soap by Cow Friend Soap (7)
lavender and honey handmade Soap by Cow Friend Soap (7)

Our Soap,
Your Happy Place

Pure Bliss in Every Bar: Handmade All-Natural Soap with Essential Oils

There is a real power in using natural ingredients, which is why  many of our ingredients are locally sourced. We love involving our children in the process of creating soaps and skincare products because it teaches them the importance of sustainability and giving back.

Because we are a family-run soap company— with 4 children between the ages of 5 and 13— we have different goals that drive us to work together. My goal is to purchase land so that we can buy our cow (Jersey cow I named “Cow Friend”), help our local farmers, and provide nourishing all-natural handmade soap.

For my children, the most recent goal was to buy the new Zelda Switch game with their “own money” (their words), and to buy more candy at the store! And if my husband and I are being fully honest, buying more candy at the store is something we work toward also. {sheepish grin!}

Join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one handmade soap bar at a time!

Xoxo, Alisha & Paul

Owners of Cow Friend Soap
That's us! Owners of Cow Friend Soap.

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