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Dragon Fruit Soap Bar

(1 customer review)

DRAGON FRUIT Soap is a beautiful and color bar of soap that will leave you feeling happy, rejuvenated, and, of course, clean! This unique combination of essential oils rejuvenates and moisturizes tired skin— and the smell is simply divine.

The top of each bar is vibrant pink with flares of green, reminiscent of the skin of dragon fruit. The inside of this fruity soap is white with poppy seeds, serving as a natural exfoliant. It’s sweet, tropical scent lingers on the skin after use. With these characteristics, dragon fruit soap makes for a unique and luxurious addition to any bathroom.

This bar soap is our artisan soap scented with pure essential oils (no phthalates or other yucky ingredients). This creamy and soothing bar smells citrusy and fresh, and makes for a perfect gift to give away or to keep for yourself.

Each bar is approximately 4.5 oz and 4″ x 3″ x 1″

If you’ve smelled dragon fruit, then you know the smell is nearly nonexistent. You can smell a hint of it while you eat the fruit, but otherwise both the smell and taste of dragon fruit are more reserved compared to its flamboyant appearance.

And this is where I made the executive decision to—bear with me—create my own rendition of the delicious fruit. It was a decision that needed to be made!

The result? Let me indulge on your olfactory senses for a moment:

A unique essential oil blend of orange, lemon, and geranium creates a wonderfully light and refreshing smell. The orange adds a sweet, citrusy top note, while the lemon adda a bright and tart middle note. Add a hint of geranium for a delicate, floral bottom note that nicely balances the other two scents. Together, the aroma that is both energizing and uplifting.

Both the look and smell of our DRAGON FRUIT Soap will leave you feeling like you’re in another world! Mostly citrus with a mere hint of geranium.


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1 review for Dragon Fruit Soap Bar

  1. Rachel

    This soap smells AMAZINGGGGG. The poppy seeds were actually really exfoliating too… I wasn’t sure what to expect other than I thought it looked cute. hope this one stays in stock.

    • Cow Friend Soap

      Thanks for your awesome review, Rachel! We think we’ll keep Dragon Fruit soap around for awhile.

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