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Invigorating Coffee Soap

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Our Invigorating Coffee Soap is a luxurious blend of natural coffee, cinnamon, and other rich essential oils, including  orange, clove, sage, cinnamon, anise, and lemongrass, that creates a truly unique and delightful scent.

In a nutshell, imagine the warmth of coffee mixed with smells of cinnamon and maple syrup! (How and why maple syrup? We were pleasantly surprised too! Read how/why in product description below!)

Start your day off with a boost of energy and an invigorating aroma.

Each bar is approximately 4.5 oz and 4″ x 3″ x 1″

This soap is perfect for those who want to wake up with a natural burst of energy.

In a nutshell, it smells like the perfect combination of coffee, cinnamon, and a bit of… maple syrup!

How and why maple syrup? Well, we love to experiment with essential oils and make unique smells. We found that mixing anise (think: black licorice) with cinnamon, clove, and sage make a pleasantly sweet smell, similar to maple. It’s not quite as sweet smelling as the syrup, but your nose will be excited to smell something so pleasant.

Invigorating Coffee creates a distinctive, invigorating fragrance that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. With its natural ingredients, this soap will also help to nourish your skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. This soap bar will help you start your day off with a boost of energy and an invigorating aroma.

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1 review for Invigorating Coffee Soap

  1. David L.

    I absolutely love this soap! The invigorating coffee soap doesn’t quite smell like brewed coffee (which is good because that was a slight hesitation) but it smells more like an earthy cinnamon and maple syrup. As someone with sensitive skin, I appreciate that it’s made with only essential oils and doesn’t cause any irritation. My skin feels soft and moisturized after each use, and the soap fits perfectly in my soap-saver bag that I bought from you at a craft fair a few months ago. I’ll definitely be purchasing this soap again!

    • Cow Friend Soap

      Wow! So happy our soap is working so well for you, David! Thanks for your awesome review.

    • Cow Friend Soap

      Isn’t this coffee soap like THE best?! I’m happy so you have good companion for your soap-saver bag! Thanks so much for your kind review.

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