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Soap Saver Bags

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Soap-saver bags are great for making sure your bar of soap lasts longer! Not only do they help prevent your bar from becoming mushy and disintegrating, but they also create more lather, which means you get more use out of each bar.

Place large bars inside or soap scraps. Or both!

The bag also helps to keep your soap from sliding around, making it easier to grip and use in the shower.

Also—fun fact—these soap-saver bags help exfoliate your skin as you use them, as the material is slightly textured.

Since they’re reusable, just hang to dry. (Shower hook is perfect.) You can throw in the wash later on if you’d like.

That being said, the bags are biodegradable. So when it is time to say “c’est la vie” to your soap bag, you can nicely toss it out into the world and things will be ok. (Think of the bag like a child: they can stay with you for a verrrry long time. Then one day, they grow up and need to move out. That’s your soap bag. Not a good analogy? You’re right. But, eh, I make soap!)


3.5 x 5.5 inches


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1 review for Soap Saver Bags

  1. Joann Systine

    I bought a soap saver bag at a Rexburg craft fair… and came back to buy another soap bag for our other shower. I’ve been using my bags for a month now and they are a game changer! My soap bars used to last me only a few weeks, but with these bags, they have been lasting me up to two months. They are also super easy to use and clean. Highly recommend them if you want your soap bars to last longer!

    • Cow Friend Soap

      Wahoo, Joann! I’d wondered if that was you! I’m happy your soap-saver bags have been a good addition to your shower. XOXO

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