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Soap Scrap Bag – Exfoliating bag filled with soap scraps

Picture this: you’ve got those leftover soap bits hanging around, right? Well, our Soap Scrap Bags are here to put them to good use! These nifty little pouches are like magic – they exfoliate and cleanse your skin like nobody’s business. Sayonara, dead skin cells!

But here’s the best part: they’re filled with our soap scraps. These bags are eco-friendly and reusable! Yep, you heard that right. Not only do they make your skin feel all soft and smooth, but they also help save the planet. Win-win, right?

Each bag with soap scraps weigh between 5.5 – 7 oz — our regular soap bars are approximately 4.5 oz.


Each scrap bag has complementary soap bars, meaning mint soaps are together, citrus soaps are together, woodsy soaps are together, etc. Each soap-scrap bag is randomly selected—you’ll love it!

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